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Why be confused about your phone bill any longer. iTelework offers Flat Fee Pricing which includes your minutes, installation and continued maintenance of your service. Your monthly bill will not alter just because you add features or make changes to you system.

With our Business Grade VOIP Phone systems we can ensure that call quality phone flexibility and reliability will give you company the highest advantage in productivity.

Call us today to get a quote for your Flat Fee Phone services.

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We can help you market your business locally with phone numbers for any local area. Do business in Navada but your companies in Washington, no problem. With iTelework phone systems we can set up any local number for any state and best of all they can all ring the main business line.

Never miss out on a sale again just because you don’t have a local office in a certain area.

Our Business Grade phone systems can help your business be successful no matter where you do business.

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Many companies are still paying for long distance phone systems that don’t truly meet the needs of the company. A Managed Voice system from iTelework however, can truly meet yours. Managed Voice offers the full flexibility of a high dollar phone system at a Flat Fee price.

Multiple phone trees, easy number porting, consistent connection and amazing quality are the hallmarks of our service and commitment.

Contact us today about installing your new Managed Voice system and take your companies communications to the next level.

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At iTelework our phone service includes all the administration and end-user features that you would expect in a modern IP Phone System, but what really sets our services apart are the depth and ease of customization we offer and the ability to easily expand.

We offer full featured systems that meet the needs of the professional office environment and we offer those services as a Flat Fee price. Our IP Phone systems support access to multiple telephone lines or a combination of lines and direct access to telephone features and include high-quality, hands-free speakerphone capabilities and built-in headset connectivity.

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